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One of the best things about collecting is meeting the crazy people who share your passion. If you have any questions about what you've seen, want to meet some other crazy old bastards with similar interests, or are looking for a support group for your collecting addiction... contact us at Sabaku Samurai. Keep in mind, we are working stiffs trying to fit collecting in between the jobs that pay for the collecting. Whereas someone will respond, it may take a few days. Try not to whine about it like a little girl...

Sabaku Samurai

About Us

We collect Japanese stuff and we live in the desert. Japanese antiquities have been a passion for over 35 years. You'd think it would have gotten old by now but we learn slowly so the subject matter still feels fresh and new. We dabble in sword restoration, appraisals, tang translations, and whatever else we can pretend to know something about. Our greatest pleasure comes from getting together with others to show off the collection and see who can be the biggest bull-shitter.


Japanese for the word desert (or at least that is what the translation dictionary led us to believe).
A barren desolate area.
Where we live.
Japanese warrior.
One with an often all-consuming and unhealthy fixation or fetish for possessing a particular genera of items.